Donau Toba

I had incredible beautiful days at Pulau Weh with Gabrielle. We stayed at a beautiful place owned by Freddie, a South African man who’s the owner and managing the place with his son Brandon. The place is right up to the beach and you can start snorkeling there anytime. We relaxed, swam and did some tours around the Island. My fried fish for lunch became standard, can not help myself for that. Gabi saw a shark during our snorkel trip, I couldn’t have been more jealous, hahaha but the day we left, we talked about we hadn’t seen any dolphins. Gabi looked at the sea.. and there they were.. in the morning sunlight. It was our goodbye to Pulau Weh. Priceless. We took the ferry to the mainland, flew back to Medan and I tripped the moment we were standing on the hot asphalt at the airport Polonia, ouch. My brown skin on my knee was white and blood started dropping. The wound is a bit a pain in the *ss but hey no worries. Our last night we stayed at the very luxurious Ashton Hotel. What a contrast. The taxi is being checked while entering the property. I didn’t understand, what are they looking for? Apparently all grand hotels are secured that way to prevent terrorism attacks. Aha. Wow. We strolled around in a huge mall, got myself a new Indonesian mobile because the one I had was not working anymore. My new number here is +62 82166021685. We watched a movie and fell asleep. The breakfast the next day was a feast to remember, they were serving everything, from Indonesian food to Japanese including a Dim Sum corner. We ate like queens, what a treat! The Ashton stay was Gabi’s gift for my upcoming birthday, it was the best way to end our traveling together. The next afternoon I checked in at Angel Hostel again, a backpackers place on a busy road. It was quite busy this time. I had dinner with a French girl and a Finish girl and spent the rest of the evening with an English man, a German man and an all Australian surf dude who’s starting up a surf business at one of the islands on the west coast. I had not decided what to do yet. It was either Bali or Lake Toba. The next morning while having breakfast, a Finish guy had arranged a taxi going to Lake Toba, so from one minute to the other, I decided to jump in his taxi. And off we went. It was a nice fast taxi with airco and the tourists sat in the back (him, a guy from South Korea and me). We didn’t stop chatting during our travel. I know a lot more about Finland now, I love hearing stories about other countries and travel stories for that matter! I checked in at Samosir Cottages and that is where I am now. Donau Toba is an unbelievable big crater lake, with an island in the middle where I am staying now. Today I did nothing else than read next to the lake and chatted with some other guests. It is pure silence here, no becaks, cars, or other vehicles cruising around. Just silence, and a great view. Tomorrow I will hire a bicycle and explore the island. Elinexplores..


About elinexplores

I am Eline Farideh, sometimes I am Eline and most of the time Farideh too . Always writing from both views. ElinExplores and I will FInd Farideh in the meantime. Iranian Dutch. Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth. With love and light. For you.. and I.
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6 Responses to Donau Toba

  1. hyena says:

    wil er ook zijn

  2. Ikke ;) says:

    Wow! Dat klinkt echt heeerlijk!

    Geniet er maar lekker van!!

  3. Alja says:

    Goed verhaal, elke x een feestje om te lezen!
    En Mama-Alja zegt; “blijf de wond goed ontsmetten! Very important while being in the tropics!” X

  4. Jiska says:

    Wat heerlijk om te lezen dat je zo aan het genieten bent! Veel liefs, Jiska

  5. koen says:

    Leuk om te lezen wat je daar allemaal uitspookt. Klinkt als een goed avontuur! x

    PS: Wist niet dat jij zo goed engels kon schrijven overigens.

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