Happy travel

Medan is a city with 3 million citizens, it is crowded, a lot of motorbikes, riksja’s and cars. I am already getting used by the fact that I am sweating like nobody else here.  The fridaynight was good, I had dinner with a man from Australia, he travels the world almost the year rond minus 8 weeks or so. He came from Namibia and he is going to India. Saturdaymorning he said goodbye with the words; Happy Travel. And so I went to the busstation, which is a couple of streets with a lot of mini busses and more people. I got myself a seat in a mini bus and off we went. Leaving the city behind and cruising through the palmtrees. In the bus I met Donny, he is a guide here at Bukit Lawang. And my new best friend (although I am still doubting wether he’s doing all this to be friends or to receive money afterwards, probably a bit of both I suppose). I got a ride on his bike to the Ecolodge which is beautiful situated on the banks of the river Bohorak. We agreed to meet at 4 pm. We went to a viewingpoint and watched the thunderstorm getting closer. Played some ping-pong, had a lovely corn and he played the guitar singing Bob Marley ‘no woman, no cry’ . He asked me if I wanted to eat the best sate in town. Ofcourse I answered. Off we went, it was dark and still a bit rainy. What I didn’t know is that his motorbike is one of the fastest of the village. We cruised about 90 k’s per hour for about 45 minutes or so. Without helmet, only the claxon. At that point I was seriously asking myself what the hell we were doing, but I had to trust him and went along for the ride. When we finally got there it was closed. Plan B, back to the village. There is only one road to the village so we stopped somewhere and had a nasi goreng. I was still wobbling by the speed. Donny wanted to take me to live music. In my western mind I imagined a place with a lot of people and everybody dancing. When we got there I realized this is Bukit Lawang with about 250 citizens. We got there and there was one couple and the boys of the band. They played 2 songs and quited. At that point I was tired and itchy. The mosquit’s love me like always.  So I wanted to have a good rest. Got home at ecolodge and couldn’t sleep because the neighbours across turned out to be a karaoke bar and they sang the whole night through. I wonder if the orangutans get used by the sound. Disco in the jungle. This morning we went to the market, we just played some pool and now I am ready for a siesta. Looking forward to tomorrow as Gabrielle from Syndey will be arriving tomorrow at midday! She decided last week to come and visit me for 2 weeks, yeeeeaah! After her arrival we will be heading to the orangutans!!! And make a plan for the coming two weeks. Oh and I received my first love letter today from my neighbours, hahaha, he wanted to take a picture of me and after breakfast I came back and found a note with his address, and words as I love miss you etc. Hahaha funny. Oh and my new indonesian mobile is – countrycode – 821 66 545413. I will try to upload some pictures in a new post. Oh and everybody gets confused as I tell them I am Dutch, they point at my hair and don’t believe me ;).


About elinexplores

I am Eline Farideh, sometimes I am Eline and most of the time Farideh too . Always writing from both views. ElinExplores and I will FInd Farideh in the meantime. Iranian Dutch. Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth. With love and light. For you.. and I.
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4 Responses to Happy travel

  1. Jiska says:


    Het leest alsof je nu al een geweldige reis hebt!! Wat dapper van je dat je dit bent gaan doen. Ik volg je vanuit dit kouwe kikkerlandje en geniet met je mee.
    Veel liefs,


  2. Swantje says:

    Lieve Eline,

    Wat leuk om me te lezen wat je allemaal aan het beleven bent.
    Hoe zwaar was je rugzak nou uiteindelijk heb je 12k gehaald of is die toch zwaarder geworden. Nog heel veel plezier. x

  3. koen says:

    Klinkt allemaal geweldig Eline! Geniet ervan, je mist niets hoor 😉 x

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